Update on ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’

If you haven’t read the original post, you can find it here : Who’s Your Daddy? What I had discovered about the mother of my great-great-great grandfather Joseph ANDERSON had undoubtedly left me baffled. Since writing the first post, I went back to conduct more thorough research about the family unit my 3x great grandfatherContinue reading “Update on ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’”

Mistaken Identity: An ANZAC Story

It was on the 7th of August, 1915, when Trooper No.962 Donald Shapley McLean lost his life at the young age of 29. Only a few days earlier, he had arrived in Gallipoli after campaigning in Cairo, Egypt with the 10th Australian Light Horse Brigade, 5th Reinforcements. Donald had been raised in a Presbyterian family,Continue reading “Mistaken Identity: An ANZAC Story”

The Death of Elizabeth Scandle

Death in childbirth was a grim reality for women in the Victorian era. While modern medicine has prevented many deaths in this day and age, the Victorian mother needed to worry about her own health as well as her child’s. On November 4th 1866, a housemaid by the name of Elizabeth Scandle went into prematureContinue reading “The Death of Elizabeth Scandle”

Check out our latest posts on The Hidden Branch!

If you’re interested in our teen/young adult genealogy group The Hidden Branch, why not check out a few of our recent posts, including some of my own! Tyler’s “Genealogists of the Past” series. Tyler has now completed two episodes of this series, where he interviews genealogists of all ages about their experience of genealogy inContinue reading “Check out our latest posts on The Hidden Branch!”

The Trial of Bungarrow (alias Sam)

Readers please be aware that this post contains the names of Indigenous Australians who are deceased, and it also describes violent scenes and indications of sexual abuse. The 18th of January, 1906, was a Thursday. It had been a particularly hot day for those working out on the Yuin Reef Mine, and the heat hadContinue reading “The Trial of Bungarrow (alias Sam)”

A Tragedy at Yuin Reef

This post is part of the #OnePlaceTragedies blogging prompts from One-Place Studies. As with any old mining towns, there are bound to be lots of tragedies. Poor working conditions, little to no medical attention and the harsh environment of outback Western Australia. There were a lot, probably more than I have on record. So far,Continue reading “A Tragedy at Yuin Reef”

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