The Trial of Bungarrow (alias Sam)

Readers please be aware that this post contains the names of Indigenous Australians who are deceased, and it also describes violent scenes and indications of sexual abuse. The 18th of January, 1906, was a Thursday. It had been a particularly hot day for those working out on the Yuin Reef Mine, and the heat hadContinue reading “The Trial of Bungarrow (alias Sam)”

A Tragedy at Yuin Reef

This post is part of the #OnePlaceTragedies blogging prompts from One-Place Studies. As with any old mining towns, there are bound to be lots of tragedies. Poor working conditions, little to no medical attention and the harsh environment of outback Western Australia. There were a lot, probably more than I have on record. So far,Continue reading “A Tragedy at Yuin Reef”

Joseph Casas/Casses: Lost in the bush

Readers please be aware that the historical newspaper article may contain offensive terms to Indigenous Australians, and that this post contains names of deceased Indigenous Australians. It had been an ordinary few days for William Blair, Thomas Farrell and Hugh Sullivan when Joseph Casses joined the team on the 29th of January 1907, on theContinue reading “Joseph Casas/Casses: Lost in the bush”

Discovering the Personalities of Yuin Reef

As many of you will know by now, the township of Yuin Reef does not have many remaining records. There were also scarce amounts of records created in the first place, as it technically did not exist. I had to find a different way of documenting the history of this site, and what better wayContinue reading “Discovering the Personalities of Yuin Reef”

From Boom to Bust: Establishing a Timeline for Yuin Reef

These two poems, written almost 40 years apart, display two very different sentiments. What seemed to be a very promising gold field was eventually left abandoned and in ruins. To help set the boundaries for my project, the Yuin Reef One Place Study, I must first establish a timeline of significant events. The most significantContinue reading “From Boom to Bust: Establishing a Timeline for Yuin Reef”

The Struggle for a School

By October 1901, the residents of Yuin Reef were eager to educate their children. With the promise of gold from the mine-site attracting residents from all over the country, Yuin Reef townsite officially had 15 children of school age and more above and below the normal age. The main petitioners, applying for a State SchoolContinue reading “The Struggle for a School”

Yuin Reef: A Town Lost to Time

If you drive for 5 hours North of Perth, Western Australia, and then head North-East after Pindar for another 2 hours, you will likely reach Yuin Reef. To the West is Yuin Station, to the North Narloo Station, and East you will find Tardie Station. Once you reach the Reef, you will immediately note itsContinue reading “Yuin Reef: A Town Lost to Time”

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