The Struggle for a School

By October 1901, the residents of Yuin Reef were eager to educate their children. With the promise of gold from the mine-site attracting residents from all over the country, Yuin Reef townsite officially had 15 children of school age and more above and below the normal age. The main petitioners, applying for a State SchoolContinue reading “The Struggle for a School”

Yuin Reef: A Town Lost to Time

If you drive for 5 hours North of Perth, Western Australia, and then head North-East after Pindar for another 2 hours, you will likely reach Yuin Reef. To the West is Yuin Station, to the North Narloo Station, and East you will find Tardie Station. Once you reach the Reef, you will immediately note itsContinue reading “Yuin Reef: A Town Lost to Time”

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